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News: Charity Sale – ALT “Lights up Love”

ALT booth provides charity sale for minor and disadvantaged groups at every exhibition attended, selling quality LED lamps at 1 USD a piece. This year, the total proceeds will go to the Tzu Chi Foundation.

ALT CEO Mr. James Liang firmly believes in corporate social responsibility and that every company should give back to society. Premium quality, electrically safe and environmentally friendly products are what ALT provides for customers. But more importantly is the message behind each and every one of these lamps, which is the love and care intended for a more sustainable environment. There are many ways to contribute to society, and ALT strives to contribute via substantive actions. Mr. James Liang encourages ALT members that they are not just doing a job but providing a better future for everyone.

Donation Projects

ALT sponsors several foundations in Taiwan, here are some examples:
• Rong-Guang Social Welfare Institution provides a warm and caring home for 0-18 year old orphans. ALT provides a brighter and safer environment for them with non-toxic and environmentally friendly LED lights. Not only will this provide them a better lit environment, it will also help the Foundation to save up to 90% of energy and reduce electricity cost.
  ALTLED lights installed: Metis A55 and Asteria MR16 & BR30.

• Chung Yi Social Welfare Foundation provides a home for 2-18 year-olds, with currently 50 children in total.  There is an assembly hall where all sorts of events are held for the children. Beginning in 2013, the orphanage started to offer after-class extra help and studies, however the traditional lights were not providing enough brightness. Therefore ALT offered brighter LED lights with lower wattage for the children of the orphanage; the ALT LED lights are better quality lighting that protects their eyes while reading and studying.
  ALTLED lights installed : Asteria BR40

International Student Internship Program

ALT’s mission statement is… To transit the world into using premium quality, affordable high-power LED lighting technology. One way to achieve this goal is by transferring the know-how especially to the people from developing countries.

Since 5 years ago, ALT has been running a training program on LED lighting technology to many international students from different universities in Taiwan. At ALT’s headquarters, they learn what is an LED and its advantages, why and how to bring this technology to their countries and become ALTLED Ambassadors . Many students had taken advantage of it and are doing their best to help the environment by making theirs countries more energy-efficient.

Countries such as: Gambia, Nigeria, Malawi, São Tomé and Príncipe,  Ecuador, Mexico, along with other Central American and Caribbean countries, Indonesia, Mongolia, Vietnam and other South East Asian countries, etc

Pursuit of Perfection and a Purer Environment
Our planet is facing a very real threat of climate change, caused primarily by human activity. Every year we release more and more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, despite our goal to reduce our carbon footprint. The burning of fossil fuels and our reliance on coal and oil to feed our need for power have left the planet in peril.

Aeon Lighting Technology is committed to reducing our demand for power whilst at the same time providing quality light to everyone. It is estimated that lighting is responsible for 3000 million tons of carbon emissions annually. Changing to LED lighting would reduce this by almost 70% and reduce our dependency on coal-fired power stations.

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