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Lights Go offers chargers from stand-alone units to fully cloud-connected, networked devices.

Several criteria can help sort out which charger is right for your property.
– Will you need more than one station in the future?
– Will you have public access or want to restrict access to guests, employees, residents, etc?
– Will you be responsible for charging stations in multiple locations, even multiple states?
– Will you need to offer charging to the widest variety of Electric Vehicles or just Teslas?
– Will you want to charge for the time/usage or will the charging be a free amenity?
– Will you want your charger to appear on public maps as ‘available’, or keep the device for private use only?

For hotels, conference centers, shopping malls, office parks, apartment buildings, condominium communities and more, EV charging is becoming an amenity that customers are requesting. If you want to increase your revenue through new customers put your property on the map with EV charging stations.

You can become the place where people driving new EVs will come when they need a top-up.

  • Quick lunch? Plug-in!.
  • Conference call over coffee? Plug in here!
  • Customer visit in the morning? Plug in overnight!
  • Which hotel to pick on a quick getaway to the beach? The one with the charging station!




Dedicated charging for apartments, hotels or condos
Private Car ChargerLevel II chargers can be set for specific users in specific spaces. James in unit 304, here is your card for that specific charger. Nobody else can use it but you. Your monthly bill will have the monthly equipment fee plus your usage. Thanks!



Public charging

Picture of Level 3 EV ChargerLevel II and Level III/DC Fast chargers can be installed as ‘public’ devices so that any EV driver using the PlugShare app can see it on a map. You can set the rates and the hours of availability, while monitoring the usage and billing on a web dashboard.


Multi-location management

picture of charger, web app and mobile app

The software platforms from SEMAconnect and ChargePoint offer cloud-based management software for real-time visibility across the country.

If you have several office buildings in a region, you can monitor and manage them all – from your office, or your phone. If you are managing a restaurant franchise with multiple locations across several states, you can see which ones are working, in use, out of service and the real-time electrical usage.

These are the powerful 21st Century tools we expect and they deliver for you.